Sigmund is currently in public beta. You may encounter issues.

Sigmund: your friendly, privacy-minded AI assistant!

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supports open source

  • A state-of-the-art general-purpose chatbot
  • Better at answering questions about OpenSesame and DataMatrix than any other chatbot
  • Use your favorite language model! Select OpenAI GPT4, Anthropic Claude 3, or Mistral Large
  • Messages and attachments are encrypted so that no-one can listen in on your conversation
  • Basic Python and R execution abilities
  • Search for scientific articles through Google Scholar
  • Upload and download attachments
  • Read more about what Sigmund can do and our terms of service

Sigmund requires a subscription (€9 /month). You can subscribe after signing in. A variety of international payment methods are available. Subscribing is easy and secure.

If you need a custom subscription, such as an invoiced subscription for multiple individuals or a longer period, contact

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